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Dr. Brenda is a true healer! I arrived last week with what I thought was a permanent crick in my neck and achy back. Her gentle adjustments improved my comfort level and given me hope that I will continue to improve until I need only maintenance adjustments. I already recommended Dr. Brenda to coworkers at my office and look forward to hearing how much better they feel.

Marin Chiropractors
Anita B.

I had the good fortune to find Dr. Lindstrom through my Kaiser network in mid-January 2016. At that time I had been in severe lower back pain for over two weeks. I was losing sleep, could not walk upright, was in pain most of the day, could not climb steps without pain. I had learned that my L5 was rotated and it seemed my back was in spasm, likely from a sprain incurred in a car accident in December. In under a month, I am healed. Dr. Lindstrom adjusted my spine and neck gently, and took meticulous notes on our first visit and at each return visit, noting changes and observations. She works quickly but effectively, truly a talented healer -- not to mention a lovely person. Highly recommended!

Marin Chiropractors
Susan S.

Wonderfully Healing
I have a very physical job and had needed to get adjusted badly, but kept putting it off because I wasn't sure who to go to. Luckily I found ChiroMarin through a Living Social deal and I am so thankful I did!! I now go to Dr. Brenda regularly and she has helped me so, so much. Dr. Brenda is so kind and have a gentle, healing touch and genuinely care about helping your body to heal. I really had no idea that the health of your spine was connected to so much else!! Added bonus, I've even gotten a little taller ;) I'm so happy I found them and you will be too!

Marin Chiropractors
jill w.

I couldn't love this place more! Dr Brenda is has helped me with my migraines and constant dizziness. I'm still a work in progress but it's amazing how much better I feel after going to her for only a couple months!! Dr.Brenda so nice and you can tell they love what they do. 5 stars!!!

Marin Chiropractors
Melanie Ludlow

ChiroMarin is the best. Dr. Brenda is great, she listens very carefully to her patients and does a great job addressing her patients' problems. She has really helped alleviate my neck and back problems. I always feel great after a treatment with Dr. Brenda!

Marin Chiropractors
Kate S.

Dr. Brenda is a kind, amazing doctor. She helped manage my fibromyalgia pain and thanks to her I am not on one narcotic. Also seeing her helped reduce my migraines signicantly. My symptoms are under control, thanks to the chiropractic care of Dr. Brenda.

Marin Chiropractors
Krissie Kirby

Thank you Dr Brenda for everything you have done for me. Every problem I brought to you you fixed!! 1st class treatment

Marin Chiropractors
Mal Bruce